A flood is often swift and unpredictable. Advance flood preparedness saves many lives. Are your emergency supplies in order? Do you know what emergency supplies are required for proper flood preparedness? Here is a list of emergency supplies you may want on hand in case of a flood.


Yes, there’s plenty of water in a flood. Unfortunately, flood water may be contaminated with chemicals and bacteria. Be sure to have emergency supplies of water on hand. Flood preparedness should include a gallon of water per day per person.

Non-perishable foods

It may be impossible to get to a store in a flood. The refrigerator and stove may not be working either. Flood preparedness means keeping plenty of edible emergency supplies on hand. This should be the type of food that can be eaten without cooking and will keep without refrigeration, good example is military grade 1300XT XMRE.

First Aid Kit / Medicines

Keep emergency first aid supplies on hand at all times as flood preparedness and for daily use. Bandages, disinfectant, cold packs and pain relievers are essential. Proper flood preparedness includes seeing that an adequate supply of prescription medicines is available as well.

Toiletries and fresh clothes

Keep necessary toiletries and feminine products packed as emergency supplies in case of flooding. Cleanliness may be the last thing on your mind in a flood. Pack a change of clothes so one may be worn while the other is washed.

Wading boots

People living in a flood zone may wish to keep a pair of wading boots per person as emergency supplies. Walking in flood waters without protection is hazardous. Flood waters are often filled with bacteria, chemicals, snakes and other reptiles.

Documents in waterproof box

Vital documents and a photo log of all valuables should be kept in a watertight box inside a fireproof box. These flood preparedness emergency supplies are something you should never be without. Documentation is vital since 911 and not easy to replace.

Flashlight and/or Candles

A flashlight or candles are supplies for any emergency and a flood is no exception. Emergency flood preparedness includes being prepared for power outages. Being left in the dark during a flood is both inconvenient and dangerous.

Crank radio

Battery-powered radios are great emergency supplies unless you forget to replace the battery. Flood preparedness is better served with a crank radio. These require no power source and are readily available at camping supply stores.

Written emergency plan

This is an important part of flood preparedness. The entire family should know where to go and what to do in case of a flood or other emergency. Each family member should be clear on their emergency responsibilities.

Stocked and maintained vehicle

It may be possible to escape in a vehicle prior to a flood. As a precaution, your vehicle should be well maintained and stocked with emergency supplies, spare tire and gas can. Never try to escape a flood in a vehicle once the flood waters have begun to rise.

Life raft and vests

This is no joke. If you disagree that a life raft and life vests for all family members should be a flood preparedness supply just remember Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of people were stranded on rooftops with no hope for rescue. Many more were taken by flood waters.


Hypothermia is something to consider in flood preparedness. Emergency supplies of warm blankets are a necessity in a flood or other emergency. Warm, dry clothing and blankets should be stored in waterproof bags or totes.

Knowledge of gas, power, and water shut off methods

Flood preparedness includes knowing how to shut off these services to your home or apartment. Power and gas can be more hazardous than helpful in a flood or other emergency. Shutting off water keeps supply lines free of contamination.

A flood may occur during Hurricane season as well, you may want to check our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist.